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Good Mojo Loose Incense Powder

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Increase your luck and protection with some Good Mojo.

Due to the tricky nature of real Palo Santo, Good Mojo may make you work to unlock her secrets. If you have ever burned a stick of Palo Santo, you know that it stays lit for only a minute. Burn this incense in ash, just like the all Solar Muse loose incense. Simply draw a line in the ash (which is in a heat proof dish like a Fire King or Pyrex ramekin) and fill with loose incense. To force the luck of Palo Santo, you may have to relight the line a few times. I usually light it twice. This loose incense powder is sold as by weight in 6gram bags containing 4 gold foil packets- 1.5g each.

Ingredients: Wild harvested Palo Santo, Wild harvested White Copal, Organic Lemongrass, Makko Powder.

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