Ingredients = Clarity

Natural and Organic Ingredients

No parabens, No petrochemicals, No fragrance, No phthalates, No formaldehyde releasers, No sulfates!

Solar Muse uses all natural, organic and sustainable raw ingredients to formulate body care products to sooth your skin. Body butters are made from organic mango, organic shea, and organic fair trade cocoa butters. The oils we use are cold pressed and as unrefined as possible. In the formulating process, we limit the exposure time and temperature that our butters and oils experience to insure a nourishing end product.

Every ingredient in every product is mindfully chosen to benefit your skin and soul. The essential fatty acid profile of each butter and oil is considered when formulating, to develop the best possible skin benefit. The organic butters provide skin barrier protection to help reduce transepidermal water loss. Select cold pressed oils are chosen for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. Our bath salts contain re-mineralizing Epsom and Dead Sea salts, and antioxidant Elderberry extract. Our bath products are naturally scented with essential oils.


Preservative Free

No traditional preservatives are present in our products. Our products do not contain water, and therefore do not need a strong chemical preservative. Care must be taken to not introduce water into Solar Muse bath products, as this may cause contamination. We suggest using a spoon or clean dry hands. Solar Muse body care products, with the exception of Omega body butter, use the antioxidant rich Elderberry extract to maintain product integrity and nourish the skin.

In order to make a fluffy and drier body butter without water, we use organic Tapioca powder and RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) cetyl alcohol.