Free Summer Internship Program

This FREE program is in the process of expanding. In the past, I have taken one to two interns ages 8-14 years old who are interested in all things herbal, healing, pollenating, non-polluting and soul healing projects. Projects vary depending on your interests: facial and skin care, herbal extracts and handmade incense. Classes meet weekly and are open to parents who attend with their child. Parents who want to create their own project may be subject to additional ingredient costs. What a great way to bond and learn a skill alongside your child! You might be surprised what your child teaches you! 

I hope to expand the Summer Intern Project next summer to open it up to more students of all ages. Older Interns will focus on Intern designed problem/solution projects for both skin problems (blemish,oily, oily-T , dry and mature skin) and simple herbal extracts. Incense projects are also an option. Depending on your choice of  project(s), additional ingredient costs may be applicable. Some of the skin and facial care, as well as incense ingredients can be costly. Other projects are completely free. It all depends on your choice of essential oils, oils, butters, waxes, tree resins, herbs etc.... 

There is a lot of experimenting using scientific methods (age appropriate) to create these projects and some of the ingredients for you and/or your child's project may cost more than others. Age appropriate projects are chosen by the students. 

Project Examples:

  • Homemade organic lip balm
  • Organic Bath Bombs
  • Simple Organic Incense Blends
  • Soy Wax candles with Organic Lavender essential oil
  • Simple child safe Organic herbal extracts
  • Simple Organic body oils
  • Planting organic seeds and plants (to bring home and/or leave in the Solar Muse pollinator garden)

Students will also explore the medicinal herbs and the pollinator plant life cycle, suggest new medicinal plants for the garden and discover the backyard ecosystem needed for pollinator health. 

Students will also explore the medicinal and culinary herbs and the plant life cycle, learn about herbs through the children's cooperative board game, Wildcraft!which teaches children what herbs can do for us. This is definitely my children's' favorite board game. 

Be confident that I source the most ethical and non-adulterated ingredients possible in order to show a Stewardship of our Mother Earth. We must respect her and her bounty, less she provide for us no more. 

Please contact me at to inquirer about our FREE Summer Internship Program. We all love to travel in the summer, so class schedules are flexible and can work into your summer FUN!