Our Mission

We are a small batch, home grown company dedicated to formulating the best natural facial and body care solutions, herbal tonics and nontoxic incense for you and your family.  We are dedicated to finding gentle and healing whole body products for the most sensitive, troubled, and even unchallenged skin.  I developed Solar Muse because of my own personal journey of skin challenges and chemical sensitivities. Our products are formulated for those with chemical sensitivities and skin allergies.  No parabens, No petrochemicals, No fragrance, No phthalates, No formaldehyde releasers, No sulfates. We strive to formulate and package our goods to lift up our mother Earth and to do no harm to her or her gifts.

We offer custom formulations based on your specific needs and desires to help your skin be more supple, elastic and healthy.  Please Contact Us for more information on custom formulations. 

The Solar Muse Name

The Solar Muse name honors the timeless and beautiful Muse that is inside each woman and girl. She radiates from within and directs that light outward. Like a prism, every color travels through her and she organizes, refracts and shares it with the world.  The Solar Muse is strong. Block her path and she will show you her fiery eclipse.