Ash for incense
Solar Muse

Ash for incense

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Raw filtered and sifted wood ash for burning incense in your fire safe container. Use a traditional ceramic Japanese, brass hanging or a small ramekin to fill your local Central Texas Hardwood Ash. Your Solar Muse incense will burn completely into the ash. No clean up, just stir in the burnt incense into the ash and burn more! Incense Ash does not  come with a censor, or incense burner.

I've used just about anything to burn my blends in, such as ...

Indian brass dishes

small Pyrex and Fire King bowls

swinging brass censors

vintage ceramic burners

fossilized shells 

and even made a trail in the dirt with ash and burned the loose powder right on the ground. 

Be Safe and remember, if you are burning something, the dish you are burning it in might just get HOT!! 

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