Incense- traditional and nontoxic

Aromatic hand rolled incense made with traditional Japanese Makko. The hand rolled sticks are sized in-between a joss stick and a cylinder and burn in similar length as an incense cone.

All Ingredients are wild harvested and organic if available. 

Each blend includes hand ground resins, leaves, barks, roots and petals. No toxic salt peter or glued particle board sticks here. This ancient form of incense is best burned in a fire safe dish. Pyrex or Fire King ramekins are a great beginner burner when filled with ash or sand. You can see the white Fire King dish being used as an incense burner in the picture.  Light the hand rolled stick and place upright in the ash.  It will burn completely down though the ash.  

The loose incense powder can be used by drawing a small trench in the ash and spoon the incense powder into the ash.  This is referred to as incense trails.  It burns faster and is more aromatic the the slower burning hand rolled sticks.