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New facial oils and charcoal mask are here!

Revitalize tired skin with our amazing healing facial oils. Each facial oil blend is tailored to aid specific skin types, either NOURISH for blemish/oily/combo or RECLAIM for dry/combo. 

The first in a series of purifying Mohave Desert Clay based masks is now available, the CHARCOAL detox mask! Clay and charcoal work double duty to pull toxins from your skin, while yummy raw organic cocoa powder feeds your hungry skin with vitamins and minerals.  Salicylic rich White Willow Bark powder adds to the detoxification by killing acne causing bacteria.



Cleansing Herbs are MY NEW FAVORITE ALL PURPOSE product! My super sensitive skin LOVES this cleanser, gentle exfoliator and mask. Packed rich with gentle botanicals to absorb all the oil, dirt and extra keratin from your skin. Until now, I could not use an exfoliator without my face turning red for hours. I even used it on my new sunburn to soothe and exfoliate the dead peeling skin without pain! I follow my Cleansing Grains with Nourish facial oil and Lava Lips lip oil for supple soft skin.



LOOK for new exciting facial trials coming soon! We will be introducing new masks, acne-fighting products, exfoliators, an anti-aging serum, and more! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for your chance to be apart of our free facial product trials.  We conduct consumer trials to ensure the safety and efficacy of all our products before they go to market.  Our newsletter sign up is on the black banner at the bottom of the website.